I wonder if any in sub-Saharan Africa does not know this app. It’s Med Index and it certainly is a very innovative idea!

1) You will get to know the different commercial names of drugs you learnt at school and their specific presentations/formulas and dosages/ml, tablet, sachet etc… For example, if you have prescribe amoxicillin-clavulanic acid, you might want to know what exactly to write on prescription sheet and the dosage that would permit the patient take the exact dose you’re prescribing in the right formula (e.g. infant or small child or adult dosing).

2) You could easily type the name of an unknown commercial drug which a patient you are consulting had previously consumed and get to find out the individual components or ingredients. As such, it is easy to know which drug was inadequate for the patient, or it could suggest what condition a patient is followed up for. Imagine a patient taking Nesteffer 1000mg and you are wondering what drug whereas its active ingredient is Paracetamol (acetaminophen)😃.

3) It would permit you get a quick and near perfect estimation of the prices of the specific drugs prescribed. Therefore a doctor could make adjustments on the brands of different drugs prescribed to ensure the person who is ill gets all the required drugs when money is limited. The patient or care giver as well, could personally do a sum for all their drugs prescribed on their way to the pharmacy so they reach there prepared.

4) You can immediately check the pharmacy on call(duty) in your town (in Cameroon) and easily orient patients.

5) Are you wondering which hospital to go to closest to your location or do you have to send a patient to a certain specialist in a specific hospital (In Cameroon)?Med Index provides these updates for you including Google Map locations.

As perspective, Med Index is working on including the names of structures involved in laboratory medical analysis and imaging.
The iOS Med index application for Apple devices would soon be complete.

From the above, it is obviously a great tool for not just medics, but patients and care givers too🤗.
Why tarry? Click and download here

Ease your health pathway. The website:

▶️This is an independent review based on the extent of our research. You can share in the comment section, other apps that could carry out similar services so we all learn and benefit😊.

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  1. TetuAl avatar

    Thanks for this reminder. Indeed this app is very helpful especially for someone like me who masters DCI names better than commercial ones.

    I always say paracetamol and my husband will always remind me to add more swag to it and by saying……….. Or ……….!!!

    Peep into the Med Index app and fill the blank spaces with any commercial name of your choice. 😅

  2. Elvis Meten avatar
    Elvis Meten


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Five reasons why #Med Index is a great asset!