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Today, we are continuing the series we started some time back. We are talking about medscape, a website providing up-to-date medical information to health professionals.

It has much to offer on drugs, diseases and work-ups. Medscape could easily and quickly help you decide if to use the drug on your mind! (NB:To view first post in this series,

3) Knowing Adverse effects and precautions in particular health conditions.
While waiting for an automatic formula for different health conditions like pregnancy, Chronic Kidney Disease, Diabetes, Liver failure etc, the app permits you to look up drugs and search for yourself their toxicity to any body organs. What dose of gentamicin will you give in case of chronic renal failure? Would you still prescribe paracetamol to a patient with acute liver failure? How would you find the drug causing a Lyell Syndrome in your patient? Check them up at Medscape.
(Feel free to contact us with ideas or to join the team working on automatic formulae for drugs in patients with special conditions). Thanks.

To further utilize the benefits from the app, it would be great to download it on your phone such as to quickly make references even offline.

Check it out on Medscape 👉

Or for iOS users:

NB: Medscape is not sponsoring this review but we are an organization out to promote best medical practice so we would dig everywhere possible to ensure this.

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7 things you would enjoy, using Medscape (continued) #3