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Today, let’s continue the series we started last time. We are talking about ….#medscape! Medscape is a website providing up-to-date medical information to health professionals.

It has really much to offer on drugs. Medscape could easily and quickly help you decide if to use the drug on your mind! (NB:For first post in this series,

2) Recognizing drug interactions and contraindications.
Did you know that Metronidazole could have serious interactions with alcohol even up to 3 days after the end of treatment? What about administering a live bacterial vaccine for a patient taking this drug, do you know they would interact?
Think of that patient with a chronic disease and one other comorbidity on 4 drugs, coming to consult for fever and cough. It could be laborious in limited time having to look up every drug and do the cross checking in your head to know if the drugs to be prescribed would not interact with the drugs being taken already.
For example prescribing Fusidic acid for cellulitis in a patient also on atorvastatin could have complicated interactions, paracetamol for a patient with G6PD. The app could permit you check each drug and more interestingly, it could run a quick formula under its section Interaction Checker showing all drug interactions for your selected drugs input on app.

To further extend your benefits from the app, it would be great to download it on your phone such as to quickly make references even offline.

Check it out on Medscape 👉

Or for iOS users:

NB: Medscape is not sponsoring this review but we are an organization out to promote best medical practice so we would dig everywhere possible to ensure this.

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7 things you would enjoy, using Medscape (continued) #2nd