SEVEN tips to improve your medical practice on Medscape

Hello medics and all healthcare workers🩺🏥

Today, let’s start a series wherein we will be talking about another very important health app with such great impact, #medscape! This should come in handy even as one prepares for clinical evaluations 📝.

Have you ever heard about it?🤔

Medscape is a website which provides up-to-date medical information to health students and professionals.

There are 7 things in Medscape that could improve your medical practice. Are you ready to find out? Let’s go!

1️⃣ Firstly, Synthesised information on epidemiology, clinical  presentation, diagnostic differentials, work-ups and proposed management for pathologies.
Though the information on epidemiology might not be suited to every context given the background of Medscape, it is definitely a good start for further research🤓. Imagine a patient about whom you’re suspecting a condition you have never diagnosed before🥺, or reviewing symptoms with an uncertain diagnosis and differentials. This app definitely meets these needs within a busy and  charged schedule in the healthcare practice.

To still extend your benefits, it would be great to have the app downloaded in your phone such as to quickly make references even offline.
As a medic or paramedic working with patients, you might have a diagnosis far off or faint in your memory needing a quick refresher.
What disease, symptom or diagnosis are you wondering about, feel free to check it out on Medscape 👉

Or for iOS users:

NB: Medscape is not sponsoring this review but we are an organization set out to promote best medical practice so we would dig everywhere possible to ensure this.

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SEVEN tips to improve your medical practice on Medscape 🩺