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You might be wondering why such a tag to a medical post. Yes, everyday at work seems like a struggle to keep up to the standard set yesterday and why not outdo it.
While at it, you get to face bullets, and it seems none expects any of these to affect your efficiency. So another battle you must win, is the MENTAL one, such as to keep working effectively.

Today, we present the story of a bright day at work for Dr.Z, in a teaching hospital. The doctors were active, medical students on time and nurses all working. She went about seeing the admitted patients one by one and interpreting their lab results with the all-so-willing-to-learn students. Yet, there is this particular lady who seems to still have questions about her sick baby and would prefer to talk privately with only the doctor. The favour is granted, the discussion goes on very cordially and the day continues. About one hour later, the same lady is in a loud fury. She requests for her results from Dr.Z who seems surprised they are not with her. It seems a medical student must have unintentionally left the hospital with the results. At that moment, the students were in class, but all attempts to explain this to this mother seemed futile. It is surprising to see the switch from the lady needing help to the lady who had now become angry and ruthless, shouting to the hearing of other patients and personnel. Dr.Z obliged by the surrounding circumstances, asks for the lab receipts and quickly goes to the laboratory to request a new print of test results. This is done with no complications and the results are handed to the mother.
Barely an hour later, the student who had catered for this lady’s baby sends a message apologizing for having collected the results and promising to return them the following day!
Notwithstanding the insolence and anger have been served already and Dr.Z is going home dejected and embarrassed of the realities in the health structures.. Just at the exit door, is another patient carer who can’t wait to personally thank Dr.Z for her kind and careful attention to her son. The smiles are from ear to ear as the lady appreciates with her mother.

This saves the mood of a young committed sub-Saharan female Dr. who is reminded that you might not always be expressly appreciated but this doesn’t mean your work has no value.
Patients are truly sick and their carers are not always stable/healthy in their own minds as well. You might have rather experienced being the insulted carer or neglected patient…
While we try to strike the balance, EMPATHY with moderation remains a watchword. It is not always easy. But as the French adage goes “On ne met pas le cœur (ni les organes) dans ces choses” What about you? Feel free to vent; share your story or opinion in the comment section.☺️?