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Improving the Management of Physical and Sexual Violence through Medleg Connect

Medleg Connect is a platform of Medical Innovative Interventions (Medinnovint) that aims at ensuring no one suffers in silence from traumatic experiences. Be it concerning physical or sexual violence, join and learn to TAC & STOP ViolenceRead More

Meet Our dynamic Team working for best outcomes in health



Dr.Ayuketah Pearl Oben M.D., MPH, Diploma in medical law (c)

Vice President

Dr.Tetu Akwei Alvine M.D

Assistant Medical Technical Advisor

Dr.Shu Beckly Kwondom, M.D., Internist, Cardiologist

Ethical and Disciplinary Secretary

Dr. Mbange Minette, M.D

Socials, Health and Welfare Director

Chenwi Collins Ambe, MD, MPH

Medical Technical Advisor

Dr.Brice K. Njobe, MD, MPH, ECFMG certified


Dr.Kuoh Buolikeze G., Dentist, MPH

Media and Communications Director

Mih Sih Adeline, Marketing and Communications

IT Director

Ndach Thierry N., Solutions Architect

Bokeng Abizou Tatiana,

Masters International Money Banking Finance

Solution Focused

Bridging the communication gap in the medical communities

Patient wellbeing

Patient wellness and successful on time diagnosis is the principal objective


Targeted 90% engagement in medical communities year after year

Decision Maker

Helping medics in decision making via experience sharing